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>>pam: in the deep south. in the air raided. libyan rebels are points again on the march. over the weekend they recaptured the town of abdabia and the near the port. the coalition of the air strikes with the government counterattacks. that everybody is cheering. russia is saying that it is far beyond of just protecting civilians. now a foreign intervention and to a civil war and calling the attackers, immoral. nato
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test taken steps. >>pam: moammar gaddafi as declaring that the air strike is showing civilians attacked in the air strikes. the president will be addressing the nation and kathryn is monetary the podium. he will be speaking at the university. >>catherine: a critics are saying that he is not been done a cricket shop and why are we in libya. another conflict. he is not done a-- great job. and he needs to explain what is the strategy. we are watching the and it sounds like he is getting introduced. let us listen anin. >> the president i would
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like to update the american people on the international efforts that we have led him in libya. what we of dawn, what we have planning to do and why this what we have done--let me begin paying tribute to our men and a uniform and women in uniform that acted with courage, professionalism and patriotism. they have moved with incredible speed and strength. because of them and our dedicated diplomats a coalition has been forged countless lives have been saved. meanwhile, as we speak of our troops are supporting our allies and japan. leaving a rock to its people and stopping the momentum in afghanistan and leaving iraq--to its people and continuing to conquer all qaeda. as commander in
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chief, i am proud all elements, the coast guard, and the families. i know all americans share in that sentiment. half for generations, the united states of america has played a unique role in global security, and as an advocate for human freedom. mindful of the risks, costs of military actions we are reluctant to use force to solve world problems. one of our interest and values are at stake we have a responsibility to act on our interest--is at stake. that is what is happening in libya with the last couple of weeks. libya is between egypt and tunisia two different nations that have inspired the world when the people rose up to take control of their own destiny. for over four
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decades, the people have been ruled by a tyrant. moammar gaddafi has denied his people's freedom. exploited his wealth, murdered opponents at home and on a broad and terrorize innocent people of around the world including americans. there were killed by libyans. last month, the grip of fear gave way to the promise of freedom. cities, towns across the country libyans took to the street to claim their basic human rights. as one libyan said for the first time i only have hope that our nightmare of 40 years will soon be over. faced with this opposition, moammar gaddafi began and attacking his people. as president my immediate concern of safety of our citizens we of back with our embassy and all
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americans. when we took a series of swift steps in a matter of days to answer his aggression, we opposed froze $33 million of his assets. when other nations and the u.n. security council's were brought in award sanctions with an oil and arms embargo. holding omar khadafy's constituents a cobl accountable we are confident that he is not able to leave, and he needs to step come from power. and is not able to-lead his people. moammar gaddafi has chosen to escalate with a military campaign against libyans. innocent people were targeted, killed.
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hospitals, ambulances were attacked. journalists were arrested, sexually assaulted and killed. supplies of fuel and food were choked off, and water for hundreds of thousands of people was shut off. cities, towns were shelled, mosques were destroyed and apartments were reduced to rubble. military jets were unleashed upon people that no means to defend themselves against themselves from the assaults from the air. confronted by this brutal aggression and a looming humanitarian crisis i ordered warships into the middle trunnion. european allies committed their willingness to comply. with the united arab league, they complied to save the libyans lives. per my direction, american lead
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an effort with our allies at the united nations security council to pass an historic revolution. it authorized a no-flight zone with attacks from the air and also a no- flight zone to protect the libyan people and a no-fly zone. 10 days ago, trying to end the violence without using force the international committee offered moammar gaddafi a final chance to stop his campaign of killing. or face the consequences. his forces continued to with fans. bearing down on bad gauzy home to nearly 700,000 people of conduct-th benghazi--at this point, the united states in the world faced a choice. moammar gaddafi declared that you
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showed no mercy for his people and he compared them to rest. he threatened to go door-to-door and inflict punishment comparing them to perhap--to rats. and killing thousands of people in one day. no regimen portions are on the outskirts of the city. we knew that if we wanted and waited one more day, and costly ganass an benghazi could have suffered serious consequences, it is the size of the charlotte. i refused to see that happen. nine days ago, after consulting with a by-partisan leadership by authorized military action to stop the killing and enforce u.n.
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security council counsel 1973. we struck regimen forces hitting the stasi and the troops in the neighboring hitting- b ehghazi and impacted the banmoammar gaddafi no-fly zone and we also cut off much of their source of supply. tonight, i can report that we have stopped moammar gaddafi deadly attacks. in this effort, the united states is not acting alone. instead we have been joined by a strong and growing coalition. this includes our closest allies. our united kingdom, france, canada, denmark, norway, italy, spain, turkey,
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greece. all of whom have been fought by our side for decades. and our arab partners the united arab emirates with chosen to meet their responsibility to defend the libyan people. and in just one month the united states has work with our international partners to immobilize coalition, secure in international mandate to protect civilians, stop advancing army preventing a massacre had established a no fly its own with our allies and partners. to lend some perspective on how rapidly this timmcame together, when people were getting brutalized and bosnia in the 1990's it with the international community over one year to intervene with their powers. moreover,
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we have accomplished these objectives with the pledge that made to the american people. it only took us 31 days--and i said that the american role to be limited and would not put ground gtroops into libya and our capabilities would be on the front end of the operation in transform responsibility to our allies/partners. tonight we are fulfilling that pledge. our most effective alliance, nato, is set to command the enforcement of office the embargo and of the no- fly zone. nato decided to take on the additional responsibility of protecting the libyan civilians. this transfer from united states to make a will take place on wednesday. from the united states to nato on wednesday, to enforce that
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no-fly zone and protect the civilians will transition and i'm fully confident that our coalition will keep the pressure on moammar gaddafi is forces. and if that effort, the united states will play a supporting role including intelligence, logistical support, search and rescue assistance and capabilities to jam communications. if because of this transition to a broader nato coalition, the risk and cost of this operation to over military, and to the american taxpayers will be reduced, significantly. for those who doubted our capacity to carry out this operation let me be clear. the united states of america has done what we said we would do. that is not to say that our work is complete. in addition to ordinate the
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responsibility will work with the international community to provide assistance to the people of libya. food for the hungry, medical care for the wounded. we will safeguard more than $33 billion that was frozen from the regimen of khaddafi now available to rebuild libya. all of that money does not belong to moammar gaddafi or the us it belongs to the people of libya, clinton will go to london and consult with more than 30 nations. these discussions will focus on what type of political efforts is necessary to pressure khaddafi. all helping a transition of the libyan people. when our military mission is a narrowly focused on saving lives we continue to pursue the broader goal of the libya and with that belongs to its people, not a
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dictator. now, despite the sex of our efforts over the last week i know that's a- despite our-efforts, moammar gaddafi has not stepped down from power and until the does it was to be dangerous. even after he does leave power, 40 years of tyranny has left libya fractured without civil institutions. the transition into a legitimate government will be a difficult task. while the united states will do our part to help it will be a task with the international community. more importantly, a task for the libyan people themselves. in fact, much of the debate in washington has put forth a false choice when it comes to libya. on the one hand some question why americans intervene at
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all. even in limited ways. they argue that there are many places in the world were innocent civilians have our portal violence of the hands of the government. america should not police the world with an innocent civilians-facing brutal violence from the hands of their government. it is true that the americans and we should not use or government military at all times we always must measure or interest against the need for action. that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what is right. in this particular country, led the a lot at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect of--libby of-- of looking at the horrific violence on a terrible scale at libya. and
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international mandate for coalition, for action, the support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. we also have the ability to stop their forces in their tracks without putting american troops on the ground. to brush aside america's responsibility as a leader and more profoundly our responsibility to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a a trail of who we are. the trail test-of we are perhaps other countries can turn a blind eye to atrocities. the united states of america is different. as president, and refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves take place before action. moreover, america has a strategic interest in
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preventing moammar gaddafi. a massacre would have driven additional refugees over the borders putting enormous strain on the peaceful yet fragile transition in egypt and tunisia the democratic and also is better doning across the region would be eclipsed by the darkest form of dictatorship. the oppressive leaders.. the rest of the dotted nations security just empty words of the united nations security council and future in cripplin its future credibility to uphold peace. i will never minimize the peace or cost of military action i am committed that a failure to act in libya would of. a farquhar price in america. far greater price
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in america- >> and also arguing against intervention in libya there are others that suggest that we broaden our military mission beyond the path of protectant just love the people and do whatever it takes to bring up more market coffee and usher in a new government. to bring out-moammar gaddafi-test there is no question that libya be better off without moammar gaddafi i also embraced that and will actively pursue this with non-military needs. to broaden our military, be a mistake, however, to a prayprotect the libyan people from a immediate danger and carry a no-fly zone carries a u.s. mandate and international support. it is also with the libyan
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opposition asked us to do. if we tried to overthrow moammar gaddafi by force of a coalition with splinter. we would likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground to accomplish that mission. or, risk killing several civilians from the air. the danger faced by our men and women in uniform would be far more and also a responsibility of what comes next. to be blunt, we went down that road in thiraq and things source of incredible sacrifices we admit we're hopeful for their future. regimen changes took eight years, thousands of americans lives, i wreck lives and a nearly one trillion dollars. that is now something i can afford to repeat in libya.
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thousands of lives of a wreck and the bulk of what we can do, and will do. his support the aspirations of the people of libya. we have intervened to stop the massacre. we will work with our partners/allies to maintain the safety and stability. we will deny the regimen arms, cut off supplies of cash, assist the opposition, and work with other nations to hasten the bay when moammar gaddafi loses power. it may not happen overnight-the day-and a weakened moammar gaddafi is trying desperately to hold onto power. it should be clear that every person in libya that the history is not on moammar gaddafi side. time, we provided to the people of libya to be able to determine their own destiny. that is how it should be. let me close by
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addressing what this says about the use of america's military power, and america's proper leadership in the world on my presence. as commander in chief, dutch presidency--i have no greater role in keeping this country safe on my-- presidency in 12 to ploy or men in uniform. i have made it clear that i will never hesitate to use our military swiftly, decisively, and unilaterally when necessary. to correlate our interests, that is what we're going after al qaeda. that is with a continued to fight in afghanistan and we're ending our troops from the rocand from the rock there will
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be times when our safety is not directly threatened. but our interest, and our values are. like removing troops from iraq. sometimes--stuck hisometimes history, dictates keeping the peace, presenti preventing genocide, ad responding to natural disasters and maintaining the flow of commerce. these may not be america' product problems alone, but they are part of the american problems the war part of the solution. we know that the united states, the world's most powerful nation will often be called upon to help. in such cases, we should not be afraid to act. the burden of action should not be america,
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alone. as we have in libya, or a task is to mobilize the american national committee. contrary to the claims of some, american leadership is not just going at it alone and bearing the burden ourselves. real leadership crete's conditions for others to step up as well and creeping coalitions and allies/partners of a conspirator share of the burden and pay their share of the cost. to see the principles of human dignity is upheld by all. that is the type we have shown that type of leadership. when we act as part of a coalition, the risk of any military action will be high. those threats were real when we had a malfunctioning plane over libya. one of our air
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men parachuted to the ground. in a region that has such a difficult history with our country. this american did not find resistance he found people that were embracing them. one young libyan said " we are your friends ". we are so grateful for those men who are protecting the sky iie thiss is just one voice of many were a new generation is refusing to be denied their rights and opportunities any longer. yes, this change will make the world more complicated. progress will be on even. change will come differently to different countries and programs from not be even. change will be inspiring,
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like egypt and raised our hopes. there will be places like iraq or change is scarcely suppress. the dark forces of civil conflict are fiercely--suppressed, with economic concerns also have to be addressed. the united states will not be able to dictate the scope and range of this change only the people of the region can do that but we can make a difference. i believe that this movement of change cannot be turned back. we must stand along in the same core principles that guided us to many storms. our opposition to violence directed towards one people, our support for universal rights including the freedom for people to express themselves and
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choose their leaders. our support for governments that are ultimately responsible to the aspirations of the people. born as we are, out of their revolution by those that long to be free, we welcome the fact that history is on that the move in the middle east, north africa. young people are leading the way. because, were ever belonged to be free to will find a friend in the united states. ultimately, it is that faith, those ideals, that are the true measure of american leadership. my fellow americans, i know that at a time of upheaval from the news is filled with conflict, change, it can be
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tempting to turn away from the world. as i've said before, to our strength abroad is anchored as our secure at home. the must always be our north star and the ability of our people to reach the protection and make wise choices with our resources. our prosperity can serve to support the values that we hold so dear and let us also remember that for generations, we have done the hard work of protecting our own people as well as millions are round the globe. we have done so because we know that our own future is siefert. on our own future is brighter, more and-a or future is safer with freedom and dignity. tonight, let us give thanks to the americans who are serving
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through these trying times. the coalition that is carrying our efforts forward and let us take a look towards the future with confidence, hope, and for all those for freedom around the world. 152, god bless you and may god bless the united states of america, thank you. (cheers & applause) >>pam: the u.s. role and libya. international efforts and that america's role is limited. again he mentioned that there will be no u.s. ground troops. he also said our role from this point will be intelligence with nato, search and rescue, intelligence and food slush medical care catherine. food/medical care-test catherine? >>catherine: and his banhas
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been criticized he said that he did not outline an exit strategy or he also did not choose to address the details and it will remain to see if he will satisfy critics. what about north korea? >>pam: that libya the location of between two different fragile countries. will have more with the speech in reaction stay with us at 4 kron 4 news, at 5:00 p.m. coming up.

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